Goodbye, Old Friends

I’ve been a cat lover all my life (much to the dismay of my parents in my earlier years), despite being allergic to the little fur balls. Not too long ago we had 5 cats: Kit, Kat, Kaboodle (such original names) and Bogie & Birdie (a nod to our love of golf). As things go, one by one they started getting older and sicker (Kit had to have chemo; Bogie, my Granny’s cat, had radiation).

Try as we might we couldn’t save Kit or Bogie. Then Birdie was hit by a car. Now all three are buried over in the mountains at our family cemetery (in the pet, not people, section). Kat & Kaboodle live on, their tails pulled and prodded by the little fingers running around our house.

I wanted my special friends to have special headstones to commemorate their short, sweet lives. My uncle David is a self-described “rock hound.” He finds all kinds of interesting rocks and quartz in the mountains. So he gave me these nice, smooth rocks in great shapes and I painted each of them with the kitty’s name, along with some flowers, using water-based acrylic paint. I finished them off with a coat of Krylon spray varnish so that they can withstand the elements.

Rather than put the rocks at the cemetery where I can’t see them, I’ve decided to give them a home on my kitchen windowsill for now. When we move into our new home later this year, I’ll find the perfect spot for them in our backyard.