Thanks to Chrissie at flip flops & applesauce for this fun project of making heart-shaped dough ornaments! My three-year-old and I had a ball doing it so I thought I’d share our version with you. First you will need to make your own dough:

2 cups flour, 1/2 cup salt, 3/4 cup hot water

mix with a wooden spoon or your hands

*tip: coat your hands and work surface with

plenty of flour so you don’t get too sticky!

For this recipe you definitely don’t want to lick the bowl…yucky salt taste! Roll out the dough fairly thin on a cutting board and cut out your shapes. We used a heart, of course, but think of the shapes you could make: bunny, reindeer, star, etc.! Put a hole in the ornament so you can loop a ribbon through it. I used the end of a paint brush to make our holes, which need to be very clean-cut so there’s enough room for the ribbon. Bake the ornaments in the microwave for about 2-4 minutes. They will be very hot so use caution when removing them! After they cool, paint a coat of Mod Podge on the ornaments.

Sprinkle (or in our case, pour) glitter on the hearts. You could also just paint them rather than using Mod Podge and glitter.

We had a virtual rainbow of hearts!

The finished product hangs from a kitchen cabinet.

We gave ornaments to daddy, grandparents and friends.

Happy hearts day!