This is my collection of vintage brooches, earrings and belt buckles, which are stored in a huge vintage glass jar with a lid and handle. I’ve picked them up over the years at flea markets, yard sales and on ebay. Sometimes I wear the pins on a dress or jacket. I also turn them into one-of-a-kind¬†necklaces and sell them in stores or to friends. Fun fact: one of my favorite authors, Mary Kay Andrews, came to the Bristol Public Library for a speaking engagement a few years ago. I had the pleasure of dining with her at the famed Burger Bar downtown. Knowing how she loves vintage brooches, I brought my entire jar and let her pick a special one out to keep.

It’s fun to just look at them too and imagine their history. They may have gone to fabulous balls, state dinners or walked the red carpet!

My latest project was to hot glue several of them onto a belt buckle. I think I’ll wear it with jeans and my cowboy boots (vintage, of course).