A Little Birdie Told Me

A little birdie reminded me that I’ve been away from my blog all summer. That’s because I’ve been having fun taking care of my own little birdies. From the pool to the playground to the lake, it seems like we have been everywhere this summer and there’s still more to do. Since they are not yet part of the back-to-school gang, we don’t even have to worry about getting everything in before Labor Day (I’d better enjoy these days while I can).

One day while having lunch with friends downtown (yes, there is still a little time for that!) I spotted these baby birds nesting on top of a speaker near the ceiling of the restaurant’s outside porch. Their mommy must really love loud music, because this place is hopping on the weekends. You know what they say…it’s good to expose the little ones to music at an early age!

While we were dining the mother bird popped in with lunch for her babies. It must have been yummy…I snapped them singing a chorus as she flew off to plan a few playdates for them.