Anger Management Tree Stump

I’m not quite sure what purpose this tree stump once held. Hundreds of nails have been hammered into its top. They are so far down in the stump they form a top that’s as smooth as satin.

The little stump’s final resting place is now our corporate museum, which means it originally resided on a girls’ college campus. I can only imagine how it came to be: were the girls so angry about something that they took turns hammering nails into the stump? Boys, grades, professors?

Was the project part of an old-school P.E. class (like the modern-day “rage rooms”?) Perhaps would-be suitors drove the nails into the tree while taking out their frustrations on an unrequited love or disdainful house marm.

I suppose we may never know. Until then I think I’ll sit here a while and read my anger management book.