Fun Stuff at Round Top

Just please don’t tell me you’re tired of my Round Top posts, because I’m not done yet. There was just so much to see and photograph, it’s overwhelming. Only a few more, I promise! As you can see from my pictures, collections of things make a bigger statement when grouped together in large numbers…

Blue and white cast iron mermaids sunning on a bench.

Colorful wooden baskets {not vintage (not that there’s anything wrong with that) but pretty anyway).

A pickup truck bed full of rusty Radio Flyers.

Speaking of rust…a pile of old water pumps.

Bottle caps of every beer denomination, set in epoxy on top of a counter at a diner.

More bottle caps, this time adorning one of those bouncy animals we used to see outside the grocery store. I was happy not to find any beer caps on this old kids’ ride.

Who would have thought metal carts could look so inviting? Reminds me of stewardesses (i.e. “flight attendants” for the politically correct) for some reason.

Whether you find this sign offensive or funny, it pretty much sums up Round Top in three words. I can’t say I’d be happy if my beloved junk ended up under this sign one day, but I guess it’s better than the landfill. I would rather give my kids fun memories to remember me by anyway.