Round Top Recap #2

I actually did find some “serious” stuff in Round Top…everything wasn’t totally off-the-wall, as seen in my last post. The best part was the price! The total cost of all of my purchases was less than what I’d pay for a nice sofa. I think my hubby was hoping I’d bring home only what I could fit in my suitcase. No such luck! It’s all being shipped to me by a company by the name of Rancho Buck (what a cool name), which I used before when I shopped at Scott’s in Atlanta. They are apparently fixtures at the major markets and move the heavy stuff all around the country.

Our new house will have a screened porch and we plan to dine out there as much as possible. I found a great brown and turquoise table that seats 10-12 and these colorful chairs to go with it. The table was formerly used in a convent in Pennsylvania. I do hope it won’t be offended by any of our dinner conversations or libations.

Our twin boys will be sharing a bedroom (I’m sure everyone will pile in there at some time or other) and I wanted them each to have a full-sized bed. I found these two painted beds (incidentally, they are the colors of my alma mater, William & Mary, an unplanned but very convenient coincidence). The yellow bed was a steal at a mere $75.

Being a huge fan of all things animal print, I was thrilled to find this vintage desk, freshly painted a pink leopard for Janie”s room. The top lifts up to expose a mirror and secret compartment. The drawers are lined with sheet music, a lovely touch (especially since she loves music!)! To complete the ensemble, I couldn’t pass up the little black chair (for $56!) and coordinating leopard flower magnetic board.

I loved this cute red desk for Jackson’s room.

This desk will be perfect for our twins’ room, since it is long and has 2 cubby holes already. It’s from an old school and has lots of graffiti etched on top. I even spotted a “dirty word” but I’ll be able to scratch it out with a sharp object before letting their young eyes read it.

For $2 per pair, these salt and pepper shakers were a bargain.

I’m really excited about this find but the photo doesn’t do it justice. I bought two of these pendant lights for our screened porch. Four metal industrial crates were welded together to make an unusual light. Possibly not everyone’s cup of tea but I think a good addition for what is shaping up to be an eclectic porch.

I bought one of these round metal spheres, maybe to just set out in the yard as a “sculpture,” or I might wire it and use it as a rustic chandelier.

This little $35 light is going in our powder room, after I paint the metal areas silver.

I fell in love with these two sets of lockers, straight out of old schools (I heard kids don’t even use lockers these days? How do they pass notes and catch up on gossip? I miss the days before text messaging!). The blue set will find a home in my storage room and the kids can use the red ones and have 2 lockers each.

Another “old school” find. How cute is this turquoise water fountain? Its new location will be in our mud room. The kids can run in from the backyard and get a drink, courtesy of this salvaged fixture from a school in Laredo, TX.

This piece from a carnival ring toss game (bought from the same vendor who sold me the little duckies) will look great in our playroom.

My cousin Laura surprised me with this fun wooden sign for our lake house that she bought at Round Top in the fall. I love the colors and it has bottle tops all over it! A lady paints these right outside Royer’s Cafe (a must-stop for any Round Topper) for those of us who like to shop while we wait to be seated for dinner. I can’t think of a more perfect combination.