I’m always spotting unusual ways that people are using vintage items so I decided I would start a new series called “Unique Uses.” There are lots of ways to repurpose an item. Here are a few ideas…

This drum is being used to hold magazines and other brochures at JJ’s restaurant in Bristol, TN. The front was opened up and a shelf installed in the middle, with a chain to hold the front “door” open. The restaurant has a music theme, so this is a perfect little accessory for the front table.

The next two items are hanging at Rockfish in Roanoke, VA. Above, they took an old stair railing and simply added some hooks. It’s hanging near the front door for patrons to store coats and hats while they’re dining.

This one is an old door turned on its side. One of the panels was removed and a mirror was put in its place. A small ledge was added to the top for lights or other decorative trinkets.

Think twice before you throw something out! You’ll save money and it’s the green thing to do.