Find Your Marbles

There’s something extraordinary about displaying the ordinary in your home. Lots of colorful vintage marbles together in a glass jar make a great conversation piece. These particular marbles have a sad but sentimental history for me. One of my mom’s little brothers passed away tragically when he was just 8 years old, in 1955. These were his marbles and I’m sure he received hours and hours of enjoyment playing with them.

My Granny lovingly kept the marbles all these years in a sealed bag in the back of a deep drawer, one she would rarely open. From time to time she would show me the marbles and his other toys, clothes and books. She would tell me sweet stories about each item, even though I now know that it must have pained her immensely to do so. I never understood, let alone acknowledged, how difficult that must have been for her, which I feel terrible about. Only now that I have my own children do I understand how sad she had to feel all the time. When she passed away a few years ago I brought the marbles home and knew I wanted to give them an important place to live. I put them in a clear glass milk bottle from Homestead Creamery, an old-fashioned but thriving dairy located near our lake house. Glass milk bottles themselves have a vintage feel (I also like to use them for vases) and pairing them with vintage marbles seemed like a good combination.

I wish I could have known my uncle, but having his marbles on my shelf will have to suffice in a small way. Granny would be happy to know that our youngest son resembles her little boy. I’m sure he’ll enjoy playing marbles someday too and each time he does I’ll be reminded how precious life really is.