Paint Your Own Pottery

I hate to keep bringing up all of the things I did pre-kids, but here’s another one: hanging out all day at a paint-your-own-pottery studio. I really did that in my other life. But now I’m so happy because the kids are getting older and I can take them there! Ok, so they don’t really have the attention span to be there all day, yet, but I’m sure that soon they will love it as much as I do! (?)

I’m even happier because we just got a studio in my hometown, aptly named Kil’n Time. I can’t wait to plant myself there for at least 20 minutes (would love to stay longer but may have to wait a few years for that one!). Pottery studios have unfinished pieces in a multitude of shapes and sizes. You paint it, they glaze and fire it and in a week or so you have your masterpiece.

My friend Beth ended up with this “Let it Snow” plate I painted for our Christmas white elephant gift exchange one year. She’s probably retired it for the year after all of the flakes we’ve had lately.

All my friends know how much I love leopard and zebra prints…I tried them out on these little dishes. I also did a set of dinner plates (everything is food safe) for the lake, which I’ll post in the spring.

One of my favorite projects, which I ended up doing twice because it got broken, was the family plate below for my dad and step-mom. Around the outer edge is our last name and on the inside are all of our family members’ names in a circle, starting with my grandparents and winding around to the smallest cousin. Quite a few more names have been added in the years since…a new plate will have to be started!

Kids of all ages can enjoy painting pottery. My three-year-old son (who was 2 1/2 at the time) painted this adorable car for his daddy for Christmas, as well as some other priceless little treasures for his grandparents. Boy, did he ever get messy, but it was so worth it! Don’t forget to sign your name or your child’s to the back and add the date so that you’ll never forget the who and when of your keepsake.

When the kids get a little older I’m going to have them each make a “signature” dinner plate to add to our collection. Put a smock on them, hand them a paint brush and let them go to town!

I can’t wait for all the birthday parties (and girls’ nights out) I know we’ll have at the new studio. The question is…who will enjoy it more, the kids or me? I think I already know the answer.