Martha Jane was my artist granny who inspired me to see the beauty in everything, from an over-sized ball of twine to a rusty old horseshoe. We picked through many a yard sale together throughout the mountains of southwest Virginia & east Tennessee! I was named Martha after her; then I named my daughter Jane in memory of her (she goes by “Janie”, which is what my Granny went by) and I hope she’ll pick up the tradition with me.

Everyone who comes into my house says “I just love how you’re not afraid to use color!” Not always sure how to take that…Well, my home is way colorful, just click on the Home Tour tab and see for yourself! I’m obsessed with home design, vintage, salvage, flea markets & yard sales. I adore cast-offs, hand-me-downs and “junk.” If left to my own devices on a sunny Saturday morning, I’d leave at first light and come home at dusk with a pickup truck full of great finds!

I also love to entertain and am always on the lookout for cool items for my table and bar. No matter what state my home is in (and with 4 kids, it’s in some states, believe me), I never pass up an opportunity to open it up to share it along with food, drinks & laughter. People don’t expect your home to be perfect. They just want to spend time with you, their friends. They will love the memories made there.

Friends & family often ask, “come help me with my house.” I don’t have any special knowledge or training on this subject (well, I was obsessed with drawing “house plans” as a kid, and I previously owned/operated a furniture store, but that’s about it). I just have an eye for what I love and have a passion for working it into my home. My style is a mix of farmhouse, industrial, arts & crafts…they all come together for a one-of-a-kind, collected look.

So here are my ideas & tips for a home (and life) that’s lived in and loved in, with down-home charm that doesn’t break the bank. Decorating rules are meant to be broken. Fashion rules are too. Use the things you love, things that mean something to you. That’s the key to enjoying your home & your life!

PS: people have observed, quite correctly, that I keep everything. Is that a bad thing?