May I have the attention of the class?

While attending a recent law school reunion in Williamsburg I happened to visit my favorite bar in the area, the Greenleafe. Lo and behold, my wandering eye found this:


It's an old chalkboard with what looks to be every MBL team logo sketched out in colored chalk. As was the case with the cars in my last entry, I simply don't know what the story is here. I do know, however, that I really like the layout and how it fits in with the rest of the bar decor (you can't tell from the picture, but just trust me on this one!)

I'd sure like to know who the artist was and how long it took him or her to complete this. Check out Detroit's logo in the bottom right--that's some seriously nice work!

That got me thinking (of course). Wouldn't it be a blast to find one or two of these, hang them on a wall, and let your kids go to town with some big, chunky pieces of sidewalk chalk? Sure, they make the chalkboard paint, but I think you'd miss the smoothness of a real board. The adult in me says it would be fun to keep a big honkin' calendar on one, but that adult is fighting with the kid in me who wants to lay down on it and let somebody trace me. To be a kid again!