What's in a Name?

Thank you, Initial Presents, Inc. for featuring my kids on your Facebook page!

Initial Presents is an adorable store in Buffalo, New York, owned and operated by my step-sister Debbie and her sister-in-law Patti. They carry every kind of gift you can imagine, ranging from home accessories to jewelry (they've been kind enough to sell my jewelry from time to time!) to clothing. And they do a ton of monogramming...


Debbie and her sisters gave me these cute monogrammed sweaters for my kids a couple of years ago. They have grown since then, of course, but we enjoyed the sweaters and it was fun not to have to tell everyone their names all the time when they wore them!

You can find the sweaters and more on their website (click here) and you can like them on FB by clicking here.

Think of the fun you could have with monogramming! I once saw a college-aged guy who had his phone number monogrammed on his shirt. A not-so-subtle way to advertise that he's available!