Bowling, Anyone?

A few years ago I headed up a project at my dad's business to do a corporate museum chronicling the company's 30+ year storied history. The company headquarters are located on the former campus of an all-girls college that closed in the '70s and the grounds are quite beautiful. We used the second floor of the main building on campus to house the museum. It was a labor of love that my friend and co-worker Julie and I undertook over the course of about 2 years (along with lots of help). We had to be very cost-conscious and come up with inventive ways to decorate the space. We also wanted to utilize all of the historical items we found as much as possible.


Another building on campus had to be demolished so we salvaged materials from it. I spotted a door from a girls' bathroom that had lots of graffiti etched into it. I found some old bowling pins on ebay and had them attached upside-down to the door to make a coffee table for the game room in the museum. I left the door stopper and latch on the table just for kicks. Girls' musings from years gone by scribbled on a bathroom stall door provide a conversation piece for anyone who comes along to sit on the sofa and perch their drink on the table.