Rose Bowl Flea Market Finds

One of my very favorite bloggers, Eddie Ross, is leading another fun shopping excursion, this time through the Rose Bowl Flea Market in Pasadena, California (if you're in the area on March 8, you must go! Check out this post on my recent trip to Scott Antique Market in Atlanta with Eddie). I thought I'd share two fabulous finds I made at the Rose Bowl market a few years ago.

My husband and I were in CA for three weeks, working with the wonderful surrogate who would eventually give birth to our twin baby boys! At this point we were gathering eggs, making embryos and transferring all of the good stuff to her in the hopes of making at least one baby (were we in for a surprise!).

The day finally came to harvest my eggs after many rounds of shots and medications, a procedure which required my being sedated. This also happened to be the only day during our entire stay when I could catch the Rose Bowl market (and it was only minutes from the clinic!). I didn't care if I couldn't stand up or see straight, I was going to the Rose Bowl! After all, it's not like I had to lie down for a specified amount of time to make the procedure eggs were already safely nestled in their new temporary petri dish home, awaiting my husband's swimmer counterparts to be made into embryos.

Despite my condition, I made several great finds that day. Here are my two favorites. The first is a gorgeous vintage rhinestone belt buckle or scarf holder.


I've been sort of admiring it every so often in my jewelry box, waiting for inspiration on exactly what to do with it. A couple of weeks ago I had my Aha! moment. We were going to a black tie dance on Valentine's Day and I was looking for the perfect blingy necklace to wear with my little black dress and thought of this.


I put it on a crystal chain and voila! A very sparkly statement for the evening (and by the way, the vintage rhinestone earrings were scored on ebay).


The second is this vintage clear acrylic evening purse, which has a diamond pattern and rhinestones on front and an oversized rhinestone clasp. When I bought it I failed to notice (perhaps due to my woozy state) that you can't simply carry items loose in it without some type of covering, unless you want everyone to see your lipstick and unmentionables.


So, when I carry the purse (which is quite often), I use a colorful scarf (such as one of these) inside to wrap up my belongings and switch it out to match my outfit. Many of the scarves I use were my grandmother's, so I'm certain they feel right at home in the vintage bag.


You simply must go to the Rose Bowl Flea Market. I highly recommend it, pre- or post-surgery!

Shopping at Scott's with Eddie Ross

On Sunday my mom and I were thrilled to meet Eddie Ross and his partner Jaithan Kochar when we signed up for one of their exciting shopping trips at the Scott Antique Market in Atlanta. Eddie, a former senior style editor at Martha Stewart Living and former contestant on Bravo's Top Design, was incredibly gracious and helpful as he led us through the myriad of vendors at the market. Eddie and Jaithan may be New Yorkers, but you'd swear they were home-grown in the south because of their down-home friendliness.


Unbeknownst to everyone, Scott's didn't open until 10:00 am on Sunday, so we were all there a little early. The security guard wouldn't even let us in the front door at first. We were a tad chilly! Mom and I had arrived by taxi so we were at the mercy of everyone else to find warmth. Two sweet Atlantans invited us to sit in their car (each of us promised the other we were not axe murderers!). Come to find out later that we were with southern fiction author Mary Kay Andrews (of Hissy Fit and Savannah Blues fame) and her daughter, Katie! Such nice people and great timing.

A little later mom and I actually ended up sitting in Eddie and Jaithan's car for a while. Talk about being in the right place at the right time!

Several other bloggers shopped as well, including The Newlywed DiariesBetter TogetherLayers of Meaning and Southern Hospitality. Eddie was so nice to give me a little plug on his blog in his post about the Scott's junket!

The great thing about Scott's not opening earlier was that we all got to spend extra time with Eddie as he told us about his vast work experiences and gave us tips on everything from decorating to making good finds at a flea market. There was even someone there from Daily Candy (one of my daily reads!) chronicling the adventure!


We learned so much from Eddie about tables, chairs, linens, china, sterling...the list goes on and on! I spotted a big green wine bottle and Eddie immediately knew that it would be perfect for a lamp and even told me how to go about doing it


I actually ended up buying a clear wine bottle that's pictured on the left in the photo below, since I don't have much green in my house (although it would have made a great statement). Watch for my post later on the lamp-creating process!


View this video to hear a little tip from Eddie on purchasing antique furniture.

Check out and subscribe to Eddie's blog. He has fantastic ideas and is always an inspiration. And such a nice guy on top of everything! Expect great things from him in the future!