Personalized Coloring Pages

I just had to share this amazingly innovative and simple project for kids that I found on Tip Junkie the other day. Turn any photo into a sketch for your kids to color!


Simply go to Dumpr, a cool website where you can play all kinds of tricks with your photos. For a coloring page, choose the sketch option.


Then you upload the photo of your choice and within seconds you will have a black and white sketch that's ready for crayons, markers or paint! I uploaded and printed 15 photos of various family members for our kids to color and I spent a total of 10 minutes from start to finsh. I saved all of the sketches in a folder on my computer so I can print them again and again.


Here's our 3-year-old's interpretation of mommy and daddy. I don't know, maybe my eye looks even better in this version. Wouldn't it be fun to make an entire personalized coloring book to give as a gift at a birthday party?

Valentines for Kids

Our church is having a Valentine's party for the kids on Sunday. We were given a list of the children in class so that we could give everyone a Valentine. Realizing that this could turn into a costly proposition over the next 18 years, I decided that we would make our Valentines. When I told my mom this she gasped, but seriously it really doesn't take long, it costs pennies and it puts a personal touch on the cards.


Our four children are in the same class so we are making one Valentine for each person that will be from all four. Since they are ages three and under I have to help the process along a little (as they get older the kids will be able to do the entire card by themselves). I used a piece of red paper, size 8.5" x 11", and on my computer printed "Happy Valentine's Day" on the bottom front. On the other side I printed their names and then folded it in half (turn the paper upside down so it works out when you fold it in half).


My three-year-old used Elmer's glue and helped apply glitter in heart shapes on the front (you can trace a heart shape and hope to sort of stay in the lines!). On the inside I let the kids scribble with markers and add stickers (don't worry, we used washable markers...I just thought it would be funny to show Sharpies to make my mom gasp even more!).

I hope the other 2 & 3-year-olds enjoy the cards as much as we enjoyed making them!