A Shot of Turquoise

I love anything and everything turquoise! My son's nursery was turquoise and lime green. I love turquoise walls, dishes, earrings, belts and post-it-notes. Here is my latest turquoise acquisition...cowboy boots with a lovely turquoise swirly pattern!


But wait! If you look closely you might be able to tell...they are rubber! I can wear them out in the rain and snow! I can't wait to try them out this fall and winter. And they are ultra comfy.


A pick up truck like this would be my ultimate turquoise find. But I bet the driver of this one wouldn't be caught dead in rubber cowboy boots.


School's In!


I was going to start this entry about my children going to preschool with a note about my little baby birds leaving the nest, but then I realized that not only are they not actually “leaving” the nest, but they are actually commanding more space in the nest—four times the space, in fact!

As it has always been with my little gaggle, starting school means everything comes in fours. First up came four little place settings for breakfast. Even though I was sad to see them off, I wanted them to feel like school was an exciting, happy thing. I wanted to show them that today was no ordinary day, it was the first day of school! How better to do that than with a nice table set with these cheerful plates and glasses?


After breakfast it was time to get their supplies organized. As you can see, the Mommy Marker was out in force (fource? ha!) With four of everything (sometimes more) it would be a nightmare to try and keep supplies organized in any other way. Glue sticks, wipes, bags, shirts, every-every-every-everything gets a name! Labeling everything not only ensures that you send your children out the door with the stuff they need, but they will end up with the correct items when they get there (with a little help from the teacher, of course).


Of course, no schoolchild’s load would be complete without a tasty lunch. My times-foursome is no different! These lunch boxes are not only an absolute blast and super cute, but they also make it easy for each of my children to find his or her lunch among all the others (I guarantee nobody else in class will have one like it!).


So there you have it. You know, it used to be when my children left the house I had to keep track of four sets of clothes, diapers, and bottles. Now it’s four lunch boxes, glue sticks, and backpacks! Where did the time go?!


A Little Birdie Told Me

A little birdie reminded me that I've been away from my blog all summer. That's because I've been having fun taking care of my own little birdies. From the pool to the playground to the lake, it seems like we have been everywhere this summer and there's still more to do. Since they are not yet part of the back-to-school gang, we don't even have to worry about getting everything in before Labor Day (I'd better enjoy these days while I can).


One day while having lunch with friends downtown (yes, there is still time for that!) I spotted these baby birds nesting on top of a speaker near the ceiling of the restaurant's outside porch. Their mommy must really love loud music, because this place is hopping on the weekends. You know what they say...it's good to expose the little ones to music at an early age!


While we were dining the mother bird popped in with lunch for her babies. It must have been yummy...I snapped them singing a chorus as she flew off to plan a few playdates for them.

Memories of the King of Pop

First Ed McMahon, then Farrah Fawcett, followed by Michael Jackson. But to have it topped off with the OxyClean guy (Billy Mays)? That's just too much to take in one seven-day period.

The sad turn of events has made me nostalgic (even more so than usual), and my memories took me back to seeing the Jacksons on their Victorytour back in the '80s. Was there any chance I could have saved my ticket stubs? Anyone who knows me would have bet the farm on my having kept them.

Most of my ticket stubs and other travel memorabilia went into a scrapbook that with a thick marker I aptly titled "Scrapbook". I excitedly dug it out and flipped through the pages with anticipation. And there they were, in between tickets to Knotts Berry Farm and the local Putt-Putt...

My ticket to see the Jacksons (ignore, if possible, the misplaced apostrophe on the stub) at Texas Stadium in Dallas on July 14, 1984. My cousin Laura and I saw the concert from a box at the stadium, home to the Dallas Cowboys until this year. What a way to see a concert...windows open, all-you-can-eat/drink and Michael Jackson singing "Billy Jean" just a few yards away.


Less than one month later I saw the group a little closer to home at The University of Tennessee's Neyland Stadium in Knoxville, although I must confess I don't remember much about that show. It's interesting that the show started at "dusk." That's a pretty broad definition, don't you think?!?


I'm also lucky enough to have an autographed photo of Michael Jackson, but sadly it is in a box deep in my garage at the moment. In 1986 my dad's company owned a charter airplane and the King of Pop hired it for five months during his Bad tour. In the picture he is sitting in the cockpit. I was just chatting with the pilot the other day and he said what a nice guy Michael Jackson was. I can't wait to hear more stories and find my photo (I'm not worried since I never throw anything away...).


Just a few pages away in my "Scrapbook" was this little gem. My friends Angie & Vannessa and I saw Elvis in concert with our moms, just six months (almost to the day) before he died.

I'm sure there are those who will profess that the King of Rock 'n Roll and the King of Pop are now together, secretly hiding out as the world mourns their deaths.

I will just be happy if their ticket stubs can live on side by side in my "Scrapbook."

Life's Big Uncertainties

Thanks for being patient with me while I was on a brief hiatus from my blog. My husband and I lost a dear friend (and faithful reader of The Confetti Chronicles) so my heart has not been into posting this week. Mr. Reid was loved and will be greatly missed for his optimism, enthusiasm for life, generous spirit and story-telling expertise. He read my blog with great interest and provided wonderful comments.

I will be back in a day or two with a few exciting posts.

  • Recap of my recent trip to the Round Top Antiques Fair in Texas

  • Unusual Uses

  • Countdown Week 5

  • Easter Baskets (you can never be too early for next year!)

In the meantime I will leave you with these adorable Easter cupcakes I spotted at Whole Foods in Dallas.


Those are some yummy looking bunnies (did you notice that only the tail is showing on two of them?)!

There's No Place Like Home

It's no coincidence that my favorite movie of all time is The Wizard of Oz. Just like Dorothy, I've been known to click my heels together and chant "there's no place like home." I can get homesick going on a half-hour trip to a neighboring town for the day.


It's not that I don't like to travel, and I do quite frequently (or used to before the little ones) but I'm always so happy to come home. I'm sure I inherited this trait from my grandfather, who never wanted to be far from home (despite traveling extensively) and who lived the entire 91 years of his life within 5 miles of where he was born.


In lieu of crafty projects, today I'm just sharing some photos of the place I call home, the area where my family has lived for generations.


What one person calls home may not be a place another person even wants to visit (just ask my husband!).


For some, "home" might not be where you grew up but where you live now.


I think a good test of "home" is whether you get a lump in your throat when you leave and/or when you return.


I know it's sappy, but I can't even watch movies about my area without getting choked up (Coal Miner's Daughter (my Granny and Loretta Lynnwere born in the same place) and October Sky to name but two).


I'm sure I'll pack my bags again soon and strike off somewhere fun, but I'm also certain I'll be anxious to head for the hills at the end of my journey. My feet may land me somewhere else but my heart will always be in these mountains.