Cake Pops!

My mom and I (along with some well-intended help from the kids) made cake pops for the kids' preschool Christmas parties. Basically, they are cake balls on a lollipop stick. Check out the Bakerella website for instructions and tons of cute ideas. 


Although time-consuming, they are relatively easy to make and lots of fun. Not to mention yummy. And as the name says, you can literally POP the whole thing in your mouth! Ours were devils food cake/white icing for the ball, covered in melted red candy coatings. We also melted some green candy coatings, put it in a plastic mustard bottle and drizzled some on top.

While we were working on the pops we stuck them in a floral styrofoam block. For the finishing touch we wrapped each in a tiny treat bag and tied a tag onto it (the kids punched the tag with a heart-shaped hole punch). All the supplies can be found on Amazon.


We had a few left over...but they didn't last long around my house!


O' Danny Boy

In celebration of St. Paddy's Day next week, here's a favorite drink recipe of my dad's (and several friends): Danny Boy. So named because of my dad's extreme (and I do mean extreme) fondness of the song and also because our ancestors emigrated from Ireland (by way of Scotland), the country of origin of the song, to our current stomping grounds in southwest Virginia (due to the strikingly similar terrain).


Jack Daniels (single barrel preferred, regular ok)

Sprite or 7-Up (note: diet not allowed)

Orange slice (not wedge; and in the drink, not hanging off the side)

On the rocks


Somewhat of an unusual drink by some standards. So many friends and family (husband included) have adopted it as their signature drink that it's the norm around here now.

May the luck o' the Irish be upon ye!

Heart Ornaments

Thanks to Chrissie at flip flops & applesauce for this fun project! My three-year-old and I had a ball doing it so I thought I'd share our version with you. First you will need to make your own dough:

2 cups flour, 1/2 cup salt, 3/4 cup hot water

mix with a wooden spoon or your hands

*tip: coat your hands and work surface with

plenty of flour so you don't get too sticky!


For this recipe you definitely don't want to lick the bowl...yucky salt taste! Roll out the dough fairly thin on a cutting board and cut out your shapes. We used a heart, of course, but think of the shapes you could make: bunny, reindeer, star, etc.! Put a hole in the ornament so you can loop a ribbon through it. I used the end of a paint brush to make our holes, which need to be very clean-cut so there's enough room for the ribbon. Bake the ornaments in the microwave for about 2-4 minutes. They will be very hot so use caution when removing them! After they cool, paint a coat of Mod Podge on the ornaments.


Sprinkle (or in our case, pour) glitter on the hearts. You could also just paint them rather than using Mod Podge and glitter.


We had a virtual rainbow of hearts!


The finished product hangs from a kitchen cabinet.

We gave ornaments to daddy, grandparents and friends.

Happy hearts day!

Snow Cream!

We awoke to a couple of inches of snow this morning! This is such a rare occurrence around here these days...not like the feet (or what seemed like it) of snow we used to get when I was growing up. We would miss school for weeks at a time, sledding through the neighborhood, carefree in the knowledge that we could sleep in the next morning...but I digress. This morning I was intent on introducing our kids to snow and harnessing what little of the white stuff we would have for the day.


My first thought was to make snow cream, even before breakfast. Anyone who has ever eaten this delicacy knows that you have to make it from the very freshest snow, lest you want dog tracks, bird droppings or worse, in your concoction. My mom made snow cream for me all the time and she only used the purest, whitest, most beautiful snow.


I ran out on our deck in my pj's and scooped up a tiny bowl of flakes. Back inside, I scurried around to add my ingredients before it melted.



1 mound of fresh snow

vanilla extract



Add the ingredients to the snow sparingly and eat quickly before you end up with snow slush.


Everyone took a bite but I'm not convinced that they fell for the stuff as much as I did in the olden days. It's true, the photo doesn't live up to the taste. Maybe it would be better with a cherry on top.

P.S. Since posting this I've heard from a couple of readers about the ingredients they use. One friend said to use evaporated milk instead of milk; another suggested using half & half. Any other suggestions for this tasty treat?