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Style Your Legs with Chrissy’s Socks

DISCLAIMER: This post is sponsored by Chrissy’s Socks. All opinions are my own. Thank you to Chrissy’s Socks for sponsoring this post! Post contains affiliate links.

My kids LOVE fun & crazy socks! Even my boys; and they all want tall socks. They’re always willing to try new ones. But usually after a washing or two, they fade, fray and sag. So I’m always on the lookout for better socks for their active feet. Janie gave Chrissy’s Long Socks a whirl. 

We thought it would be cute to hang the stockings like we do for Christmas, but this time in my closet, held by turquoise duct tape. 

Plan to set aside a little chunk of time to tool around Chrissy’s website because the color and pattern choice is amazing. And there are knee-high as well as over-the-knee socks. We (and I say “we” because I ordered a pair for myself!) chose two in the same color family: hot pink/orange stripe and orange/white stripe (because GO VOLS!).

I’m sure moms out there can relate to this scenario: your child puts on the cleanest pair of socks at 7:15 am. Fast forward to pickup time and one or both have fallen to ankle level (if you’re lucky enough for them to even still have two socks on). You get home to learn that one or both socks have snagged, pilled and frayed. Consider stuffing the socks with catnip and tossing them out to the cat. 

Not Chrissy’s socks. They’re pretty tough! From the minute she put them on to the end of the day, these socks held their own without fraying or sagging. And that’s really saying something with the way Janie plays tough on the playground. In fact, these words came to mind: “pretty” and “tough”! Summing up both Janie and the socks!

Chrissy’s laps the competition by using high quality materials that feel great and really last; all made in the USA. The price is right too!

They look great popping out of the top of boots!

When I saw these cute and colorful socks I was thinking they would only be good for Janie’s age range. Tween-range-trendy. I wear colorful tights and leggings, so why not these? It’s only a few inch difference. My kids think I’m “old” (I beg to differ), but you’re only as old as your fashion picks, right? 

Maybe I’ll let Janie stick with these fun sock fashion statements. I know she’d love all the Christmas patterns. Fill your daughter’s stocking with these stockings!


“A Necklace” by Kay Just Made My Day

The lovely, talented, and maker of all things cute and classy Kay Adams just mentioned me in her blog, Necklace a Day by Kay (I even got a picture and she calls me “the other Martha”!) For those of you unfamiliar with this jewel of a lady, Kay and her mother own Anthill Antiques in the historic Richmond, VA shopping district of Carytown. I make it a point to stop by her shop every time I’m in town – and she makes it a point to ensure I don’t walk out of there without one of her awesome creations!

Kay has a penchant for finding all sorts of everyday objects and turning them into beautiful necklaces. These are three of the pieces I have at home:

Her pieces are both elegant and esoteric; I think she has such a wonderful eye for detail and form. Plus, who couldn’t admire an eye that can see the potential in a plastic bumblebee?:

Kay, thanks so much for mentioning me in your blog! For the rest of you, if you are ever in the Richmond area make sure to stop by her store and take a look at what she has on offer. Tell her the “other” Martha sent you!

Hoops & Loops

A few sick kids can really set you back in the blogging world! After several days off I’m back with a quick post to show you some of my latest earring creations, many made with vintage beads.

Much easier to come up with than necklaces, these hoops, loops and dangles are keeping me busy. Lately I’ve been making them for friends, stores and shows.

If you see something you like, dangle me a line. I’d love to make your ears happy too!