The Weighted Blanket Craze

Most of us have heard of the weighted blanket craze and how they are supposed to help relieve anxiety and depression as well as offering a more comfortable night’s sleep. I wanted to see for myself and when I saw this gorgeous navy from Therapedic I was sold. The softness is overwhelming!

Therapedic Weighted Blanket

Weighted blankets help provide a deeper sleep (who couldn’t use that?) and they allow you to wake up feeling refreshed and ready to face the day. They have a warm, comforting pressure that makes you feel like you are being gently hugged all night as you lull off to a blissful night’s sleep. The added weight in the blanket helps keep you steady and give you support to sleep peacefully, comfortable and relaxed.

Therapedic Weighted Blanket

This weighted blanket is reversible, allowing soft, soothing touch on either side—most blankets only have one “good” side! The exterior shell is removable and machine washable, for clean comfort night after night. The inner blanket is what contains the weights that are a combination of glass pellets and polyester fill. The quilted design of the inner blanket keeps the pellets evenly distributed and avoids over-weighting one side or the other.

The best way to choose a weighted blanket is to calculate about 10% of your own natural body weight. Thus, if you weigh 120 lbs, you would sleep best with a 12 lb. weighted blanket. This works best. You are less likely to lose your weighted blanket in the middle of the night, like you would with a general quilt or comforter.

Therapedic Weighted Blanket

I could not be happier with my weighted blanket. Over the last several nights, I have slept so much better, awake feeling refreshed and ready to start the day. Life is stressful this time of year, with Covid-19, the political climate, and taking care of my family (homeschooling a high schooler!). I don’t want a restless night of sleep to hinder me from being able to be the best ME I can be each day. Click here to get one of your own!

Therapedic Weighted Blanket

I highly recommend purchasing Therapedic’s weighted blanket for a great night’s sleep, napping on a porch swing or just a cozy blanket while reading your favorite book. Even my puppers Daisy and Buddy love it! And a pet’s seal of approval is good enough for me.

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Therapedic; however, all opinions are my own. I only recommend products that I love and would use myself!

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